It Happens to Even the Strongest of Us

There’s a funny thing about rehab.  You work really hard to get out of here.  When you are physically ready, you are happy to be able to go home, but there are so many mixed emotions.  One of the other patients who has a SCI just stopped by to say good-bye.  He is leaving tomorrow to go to a hospital closer to his home to wait until the renovations are complete so he can have access to his house again.  His voice was shaky and he sounded like he was about to cry as he said good-bye.  One of the roommates I had when I was here at first cried for days before she left, and one of the girls from just down the hall started crying at the elevator long before she got to my room when she left.  As nice as it is to go home, you still miss the people you have met and become friends with.  Of course on top of that you know that you are being thrown out into the world and are not going to be as sheltered as you have been during your rehab stay.  It’s really a mixed bag of extreme emotions!

I wish him all the best in life and am happy that both him and his family are moving forward and I know he will continue to enjoy life and do great things!