I’m Pretty Sure I Would Have Remembered That

I’ll get into why I haven’t had Internet access for awhile later, but right now I must vent a little (OK, maybe a lot)!

Tonight I asked the nurse what was happening with my bowel program. I’ve been having so many spasms recently they deemed it unsafe for me to get in the chair I use to do it and I was wondering if it was happening in bed or in the chair. That’s when my nurse informed me that I had “moved my bowels” this morning! Well, if I did it was news to me! I’m pretty sure I’d remember someone coming into the room, takin my pants off and sticking an enema up my butt even though I can’t feel it!

Instead of taking my word for it the head nurse called another nurse that was working today to get the phone number for the nurse I had today to ask her if my bowel program was done or not!

After all that, it was determined that my memory is indeed still intact and that I didn’t have my bowel program or any type of accident. So much for actually listening to the sane patient and not wasting time… I guess that makes too much sense, and we all know how Eastern Health was behind the door when the sense was passed out!