Some Good News! 

Just before lunch today I had the seating appointment.  It was to discuss ordering a new wheelchair.  After going through every option all of us could think of my OT, the seating person and myself all came to the same conclusion.  A power wheelchair is the best option.  This doesn’t surprise me really.  The good news is, it should solve the seating issues I’ve been having and it would take a monster of a spasm to tip a power wheelchair over!

Some more good news was waiting for me when I returned to my room.  There was a folded sheet of paper on my bed that said “Imp.”  I was wary of having someone read it to me because I thought it may have been a note informing me that Duke was either going to be allowed here or not, and I was not in the mood to have to deal with lawyers, media etc. if it said he couldn’t again!  It was an email from my social worker here informing me about the rental approval!  I left a message to talk to the person whose number he left so hopefully she will get back to me very soon and I can start the process of moving my things from one accessible apt. where there is no accessible transportation to another accessible apt. where there is accessible transportation!

Would it be pushing my luck a bit too far to hope that good news really do come in three’s and that I will get news that Duke is allowed to work here too?