Some Advice About Love From A Veteran 

I have a volunteer assigned to me to come get me out of the room three times a week. She stopped by on Thursday to chat for a couple of hours and today she came by for another couple of hours. She is really nice and is the same volunteer that helps me at Bingo. (We have lost many games together lol!)

We went outside and after circling the parking lots and sitting on the patio for awhile we went over to the Veteran’s home to see a little dog. As we were about to leave one of the veterans called us over saying he wanted to serenade me! I had met him at the music I went to at the Veteran’s building on Tuesday night. He is a complete riot to be around! He never did get around to dinging to me, but the three of us chatted for a while and he asked me on a date lol! I told him I’d be by on Tuesday for the music. I bet he was quite the character when he was younger (he still is lol!) He made a very good point though that I hope I never forget. After talking about his late wife and how they treated every day like they were still courting he asked us if we knew the secret to a long loving relationship. He said that too many young people when asked say they argue and fight with their boyfriends or girlfriends and that their relationship is “OK”. He said the trick is to only marry someone who you already get along really well with and no one will be expected to change after you are married. Some great advice from someone I plan to visit again…